Business on a Budget

Starting a new business doesn't need to be expensive. Here's how.

"You need money to make money" is how the saying goes, but that isn't necessarily true when starting a new business. I know many of my clients and I started with a few hundred dollars, a dream and a lot of hard work. FUBU was started in a kitchen in Queens, Apple started in a garage and Disney was started with the drawing of a mouse. Now your business may not grow to the size of those listed, but it can certainly grow to be a viable and sustainable business.


Jimdo, my website hosting company, came out with a great article outlining some of the ways you can save a few dollars when starting a business. 6 Ways to Save When Starting Your Small Business. Take a few minutes to read through it.


If you need specific help on setting up a budget, writing a business plan or want to bounce a few ideas off of me please feel free to call or e-mail. I would be happy to help you get things off of the ground.