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Wave Accounting





Cant get much better than free, can it? You will however have to pay for any upgrades such as payroll and tech support. 

Credit Card Integration

All three of the systems include it, but it was not something I would expect out of a free service. There are processing fees involved of course. You can accept credit cards directly through the program. In fact when you send out an invoice there is a link to pay it right there. This will help improve your cashflow by shortening your cash cycle.



Bank Feed Errors

When you receive a check for an invoice you will have and put it in manually and send the receipt to the customer. When you make a deposit however the bank feed automatically imports the deposit information as a new income transaction. So the income is counted twice, once when you receive the payment and once when your bank auto feeds the transactions. A simple enough fix when done in the moment, but going back months & years with can be more difficult to untangle. 


There are many times where you are waiting for the program to update so you can see the report you would like. There is some significant lag regardless of your internet connection.

Reporting Capabilities

There are some simple reports that are difficult to pull in Wave. An example would be a monthly comparison of your P&L. It would be nice to be able to see what your expenses were last month and make sure the current month is in line. There are ways around it, but it can be quite cumbersome. 

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