Who will be handling my books?

Remington Trolli Freelance Bookkeeper

Remington Trolli


I started out in the trades, building and renovating homes for my neighbor's business. I fell in love with the feeling of seeing the finished project and knowing I helped create it. I knew I wanted more.


I went to college with the goal to run my own construction business. Throughout college I continued working in the trades, building SEPTA trains. After earning my bachelors degree in business and accounting, I started working for the Carpenter's Union in Philadelphia. After gaining more knowledge of the trades, I wanted to expand my experience in accounting. I started working full time as an accountant for a small business, and eventually decided to go out on my own.


I still enjoy seeing finished projects, but now they are based more in numbers and reports than buildings. Having a construction background helps me understand what you go through on a daily basis. I can help smooth out bumps you may be having with your business, that you simply don't have the time or energy to complete.


I do still enjoy doing side construction projects on my own home or for family and friends. I've learned, sometimes the hard way, when is right to seek out help from a professional. I hope you choose to do the same with your business.


  • Micro to small construction businesses, each ranging from 1-10 employees.


"I was able to go from a business plan and a dream to a full time gig, staying in "the black" in just six months. I highly recommend Remington for anything you need for your small business."


-Austin Matllee

Holland Tree Services LLC