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Stop Bookkeeping, Start Relaxing!

Lehigh Valley Small Business Bookkeeping Services

Stop spending all your time after work on keeping your books up to date!

Are you?

  • Spending too much time after you leave the job site on bookkeeping for your business.
  • Letting your books slide throughout the year, only to get to the end of the year and hand a box of receipts over to have your taxes prepared.
  • Running your business based on your bank account balance, instead of from accurate reports.

Would you rather?

  • Be able to leave the job site and spend time with children, go out and quote jobs, or just take a break for once.
  • Have accurate reports and knowledgeable insight into your business so you can make the right decisions for you, your family and your business.


Let us help! We'll take care of the books so you are able to concentrate on the important things. Don't worry about the current condition of your books, we have seen it all!


Check out our new name and website at:


We are based in Bethlehem, PA. Centered between Easton and Allentown. We are not limited to working in the Lehigh Valley. Once we are set up we can work anywhere around the world with a few clicks of a mouse. No where is too far away! We have gotten calls from Germany, Washington, Utah and many other places.


"You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you."                                                                         –Dave Ramsey